Unleash change: Move from awareness to real action in 2023

Give your employees practical skills and tools this Mental Health Awareness Week, 18 – 24 September. We’re delighted to support this important event and help you to spark change. Check out our evolving list of awesome resources below.
Days to go to #MHAW23

Now is the time to plan and prepare

Mental Health Awareness Week (taking place in New Zealand from 18-24 September this year) is one of the most important times in the workplace wellbeing calendar. For many, it’s when the hard work you do all year is given the brightest light and strongest focus. It’s often a launching point for new wellbeing initiatives and the centrepiece of your wellbeing calendar.

Now is the time to plan and prepare. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be adding awesome resources and tips to help you make the most of the week and support sustainable change when it comes to mental health.

To get started today: Download the FREE ROW Mental Health Awareness Week planning template

If you’re looking to build your people’s wellbeing capability this Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re here to help. This year ROW is donating 10% of the proceeds of our workshops in the month of September to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.


Explore these awesome resources to help you get started building your campaign today.

Download this brilliant FREE ROW Mental Health Awareness Week planning template. Reflect on your workplace mental health goals and objectives, consider your stakeholders and audience, and create steps to build a campaign to spark real change.


Guests join ROW Founder and CEO Sarah McGuinness to explore topics we can’t afford to ignore. Learn about important mental health topics, gain insights, and find gems to share. Be inspired and learn about issues we can all take action on.


We know that planning a great campaign can be time-consuming. Our Power Up service allows you to supercharge your plan amid your busy schedule. We step in, helping to lighten the load. Essentially, you can outsource to us and we’ll take care of it.



Book these capability-building workshops in to support your employees, and give the gift of care this year.

The Unleash workshop series offers three workshops for different levels of leadership to fast-track wellbeing literacy and provide practical tools and resources to develop a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to wellbeing in the workplace.


Sarah McGuinness, a recognised mental health speaker and Founder/CEO of ROW, shares her fascinating lived experience with burnout in this highly informative workshop. She delves into what it is, how to recognise it and prevent and overcome it.


Great idea for supporting employee mental health, this thoughtful pack of self care cards contains 30 easy ideas for creating five minutes of awesomeness. Grounded in psychology, each card contains a simple little or no cost wellbeing idea.


ROW - great feedback
Janelle Somerville
Chief People Officer

I did want to drop a line through to say a huge thank you for your time and the session with us, after you left we ended up discussing the topic until well after 6pm and it was just awesome. The whole team took so much from it and really valued your time – thank you so, so much. Worth absolutely every cent.

ROW - great feedback
Workshop participant
University of Canterbury

That was the best professional development opportunity I have attended since starting here at UC. The quality of the content and the delivery was exceptional. A significant reflection moment for me about many concepts covered, it really was amazing – having openly experienced a ‘spectacular burn out’ myself last year I just milked that whole presentation yesterday for the golden messages kind of moment it was…self care practices not being luxuries, the shadow of a leader, healthy caring…I could go on and on!

ROW - great feedback
Petrina Austin
J Ballantyne & Co Ltd

Well you did an absolutely brilliant job. We were delighted with how it went and feedback so far has been very, very positive. Thank you for truly listening and considering our requirements and getting it right for our audience. We loved working with you.

 Investing in wellbeing leadership is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also good for business.
Spark action this Mental Health Awareness Week 2023. Find out how: Chat with us.

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