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now is the time to be proactive

In today’s fast-paced workplace, employee wellbeing is more crucial than ever. However, recent findings from our State of Workplace Wellbeing Survey 2023 reveal a concerning trend:

a staggering 74% of respondents reported that people in their organisation have experienced high levels of stress and burnout over the past three months.

Leadership is key to addressing this issue. Time and time again, research shows people leaders, particularly frontline managers, play a vital role in wellbeing, performance and potential.

Yet, our Survey showed that only 27% of respondents believe that frontline leaders are adequately equipped to lead for wellbeing.

We frequently hear from people leaders about the challenges they face in balancing their own wellbeing with that of their teams. This struggle is exacerbated by uncertainty, cognitive overload, and emotional strain resulting from increased workloads, job insecurity, and external pressures.

Leader capability in wellbeing is a pressing issue that can’t be left to chance. The time to act is now.

introducing unleash human potential

Unleash Human Potential is a bold workshop series, designed to fast-track wellbeing literacy for people leaders. 

Punchy, interactive, and engaging, these workshops are packed with lived experience stories, practical tools and resources, and professional guidance based on the latest research on boosting wellbeing in the workplace.

Tailored workshops for impact

While we have a structured framework for the workshops, we recognise the uniqueness of your group. Our Unleash workshops are tailored to your organisation, seamlessly complementing your existing initiatives.

We cover key well-being concepts, such as self-leadership, burnout prevention, trust-building, psychological safety, and sustainable cultures for performance making them directly applicable to your specific workplace.

Active engagement is at the core of our approach to ensure lasting impact.

Practical tools are provided for seamless integration into daily work routines, enhancing leadership effectiveness.

Evidence-based adult learning

To facilitate a robust adult learning experience, our workshops encompass:

  • Knowledge base: Understanding the empirical evidence and essential well-being concepts, and their real-world application.
  • Storytelling: Sharing personal narratives and experiences to embed learning, promote storytelling, and foster cultural change.
  • Self-reflection and peer sharing: Encouraging self-awareness through thought-provoking questions and group activities.
  • Resources and tools: Providing resources for further reading and practical tools for immediate use.
  • Takeaways with a call to action: Offering tangible insights and actionable steps.

BOOKED and Loved by Leading Organisations including:

Choose 1, 2 or all 3 workshops!

Objective: Develop self-leadership skills for wellbeing, including boundary-setting and mental load management.

Focuses on unleashing the potential of self through personal wellbeing knowledge and skills.

Topics include:

  • Being a proactive self-manager and defining wellbeing for self.
  • Setting boundaries for life balance.
  • Barriers to personal and work wellbeing.
  • Fostering social connection for wellbeing.
  • Supporting self and peers to be well.

Price: from $3,499 + GST (NZD) | $2,299 USD


Objective: Build leaders’ ability to proactively support their team and foster a healthy work environment through change.

Focuses on unleashing the potential of the team through wellbeing leadership knowledge and skills.

Topics include:

  • Being a proactive wellbeing leader and defining team wellbeing.
  • Building a psychologically safe environment.
  • Barriers to team wellbeing and managing stress.
  • Strengthening wellbeing across diverse teams.
  • Having a wellbeing check-in conversation.

Price: from $3,499 + GST (NZD) | $2,299 USD


Objective: Equip leaders to take a strategic approach to wellbeing, fostering diversity and psychological safety to unlock performance.

Focuses on unleashing the potential of the business through strategic wellbeing knowledge and skills.

Topics include:

  • Understanding wellbeing as a driver of potential and performance.
  • Barriers to wellbeing at an organisational level.
  • Taking a strategic approach to wellbeing.
  • Embedding wellbeing into a diverse culture.
  • Modelling and enabling psychological safety.

Price: from $3,499 + GST (NZD) | $2,299 USD


60min or 90mins in length (the longer session allows for more interactivity)


Can be sequential or can be offered as stand-alone training opportunities.


Can be offered in-person or online, or a combination of both (hybrid).


 Included to make sure the workshops are relevant and meaningful, and hit the mark!

What our clients say…

ROW - great feedback
Janelle Somerville
Chief People Officer

I did want to drop a line through to say a huge thank you for your time and the session with us, after you left we ended up discussing the topic until well after 6pm and it was just awesome. The whole team took so much from it and really valued your time – thank you so, so much. Worth absolutely every cent.

ROW - great feedback
Workshop participant
University of Canterbury

That was the best professional development opportunity I have attended since starting here at UC. The quality of the content and the delivery was exceptional. A significant reflection moment for me about many concepts covered, it really was amazing – having openly experienced a ‘spectacular burn out’ myself last year I just milked that whole presentation yesterday for the golden messages kind of moment it was…self care practices not being luxuries, the shadow of a leader, healthy caring…I could go on and on!

ROW - great feedback
Petrina Austin
J Ballantyne & Co Ltd

Well you did an absolutely brilliant job. We were delighted with how it went and feedback so far has been very, very positive. Thank you for truly listening and considering our requirements and getting it right for our audience. We loved working with you.

The link between effective leadership and employee wellbeing is undeniable. 

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