The ROW Story

to the revolutionaries of wellbeing
What is ROW?

Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW*) helps leaders in business to be change makers and to create better workplaces, together.

With a community of more than 250 members from 190 organisations around the globe, ROW is dedicated to helping leaders to develop their professional expertise, access practical tools and resources, and network with peers and experts to meaningfully improve wellbeing.

We bring together experts and businesses to solve collective challenges and to share knowledge and experience.


* Occasionally we’re asked how to pronounce the acronym ROW. Think of it as ‘row’, like rowing a boat in unison. It’s a great metaphor too!

Every time I meet with members of the ROW community – I come away inspired. These are champions moving mountains. And if we can work together then we can truly start to shift the dial on wellbeing. Take mental health. What if there were millions of workplaces around the globe that were improving people’s wellbeing – rather than taking away from it?
Or take domestic violence, for example. What if we could create millions of workplaces around the world that were safe places that did not tolerate that type of behaviour?
Together, we can achieve more.
It starts with a single step – saying “I’m up for the challenge”.
Sarah McGuinness, Founder & CEO, Revolutionaries of Wellbeing
Our story

Recent global events have given us all the time to reflect on what is important to us and what support we need in our workplaces, at home with our families, and in our communities. Here’s our story. 

In early 2018, founder Sarah McGuinness was on a mission to interview 100 organisations around New Zealand to better understand the challenges of workplace wellbeing.

One conversation led to another and on Thursday 5 April 2018, something small but remarkable happened. Four workplace wellbeing champions from some of New Zealand’s most recognisable brands met via Skype for the first time to trade stories, offer peer support and be part of a guest interview, hosted by Sarah.

Over time, word got out and the group grew organically. At the time, it was called the My Health Revolution Wellness Champions Network and after some trial and error, the group settled on 6-weekly meetings via Zoom.


The growing group

By early 2019, there were 40 wellbeing champions in the network and Sarah tentatively put out a couple of posts on LinkedIn, sharing the group’s existence on a public platform for the first time.

The champions were senior leaders, HR professionals, health and safety professionals, wellbeing specialists, and subject matter experts.

By late 2020, the group had grown to nearly 100 champions, including a few from overseas. By that time, guest interviews included author and clinical psychologist Dr Amy Silver and Dr Nathan Price at New Zealand Rugby, and interviews were recorded and turned into podcasts to support capability building (and ensure no one missed out!).

Day-to-day, Sarah was focused on her two businesses – My Health Revolution, a corporate wellbeing research and strategy consultancy, and Sarah McGuinness, a brand that provided information and resources to support mental fitness and self-care – and her mental health project Take Care.

Then COVID-19 hit.


The world changes overnight

As the globe changed overnight, one thing became apparent – the champions in the network were some of the most instrumental people to how organisations coped with the unfolding crisis. The champions led mental health initiatives, enabled working from home, contributed to business continuity, and supported wellbeing in as many ways as they possibly could to ensure employees had the support they needed.

What they needed was wrap-around support themselves… and that formed the basis of a complete re-brand and refreshed focus for Sarah and the team. By mid-2020, the Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW) was born. The name represented the passion and dedication of the people in the network – they are revolutionaries. There was no guidebook – and yet they were out there creating a better world.


Change for the better

As part of the rebrand, the Sarah McGuinness, Take Care and My Health Revolution brands were amalgamated and reform under one significantly improved offering – ROW.

ROW is dedicated to helping you, our fellow wellbeing leaders, who believe in and are passionate about building better workplaces to lead and drive positive change across industries and around the world.

Our mission is to develop the world’s wellbeing leaders so that together, we can improve wellbeing and create more humane, secure, and sustainable workplaces.

ROW Crew

Our core team is the engine room of the Revolutionaries of Wellbeing. Meet the expert team behind ROW.

ROW Partners

Beyond the core ROW team, we have a revolutionary team of wellbeing experts who partner with us to deliver outstanding solutions. The experts are highly experienced and driving change in their respective areas.