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to the revolutionaries of wellbeing
We are driving change – join us

We all have had the time to reflect on what is important to us and what support we need in our workplaces, at home with our families, and in our communities.

The world is changing and we are too. We have had our own evolution, that has turned into revolution as we amalgamate the Sarah McGuinness, Take Care and My Health Revolution brands and reform them under one significantly improved offering.

An offering dedicated to helping you, our fellow wellbeing leaders, who believe in and are passionate about building better workplaces to lead and drive positive change across industries and around the world.

Introducing the Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW).  At its heart, ROW comprises a core crew and a team of partner specialists who work together to give you outstanding advice, guidance, and mentoring.

Join us so that you have the right support at your side and together we can march through an uncertain future in solidarity and with confidence.

row team

Our core team is the engine room of the Revolutionaries of Wellbeing. Meet our expert team and support crew.

row partners

Beyond the core ROW team, we have a specialist revolutionary team of wellbeing experts who partner with us to deliver outstanding solutions. The experts are highly experienced and driving change in their respective areas.