Our approach

At ROW, we believe in real world wellbeingIt’s wellbeing that reflects the world we live in… It’s grounded in evidence and designed to make a positive impact on the workplaces we partner with, meeting them where they are.

This means that our work and our approach are guided by three core concepts: professional expertise, lived experience and human-centred design.

Here’s what we mean:
Professional expertise

Our team at ROW brings diverse professional qualifications and experience in psychology, organisational leadership, human behaviour, and communications (and more!), allowing us to offer a comprehensive approach to workplace wellbeing and performance enhancement.

We’re not just knowledgeable about the evidence supporting workplace wellbeing; we’re skilled at collecting and analysing data to inform strategic decision-making and at turning that action. It’s an ability we’ve honed over our corporate careers.

Furthermore, our focus on capability development means we’re not just interested in treating symptoms either; we’re committed to addressing underlying issues and creating a culture of sustainable performance for the long term.


Lived experience

Our understanding of workplace challenges isn’t purely academic; it’s rooted in lived experience. We’ve navigated the trenches of burnout and mental health struggles ourselves, and we’ve supported others through similar journeys. Our firsthand experiences give us a deep sense of empathy and an authentic understanding of the realities faced by individuals in the workplace.

Having experienced both amazing and severely lacking workplace cultures firsthand, we’re intimately familiar with the dynamics at play. Moreover, our regular conversations with people leaders and wellbeing champions worldwide ensure that we stay attuned to what’s happening in real-time and can bring that insight to our work with you.


Human-centred design

At the core of our approach lies human-centred design, which prioritises the needs and experiences of real people. We understand that effective solutions must be tailored to the unique context of each organisation. That’s why we’re committed to actively listening to you and your workforce to gain a thorough understanding of your specific challenges and aspirations.  One of our favourite phrases is: People support what they help to create.

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, we’re flexible and adaptable, avoiding rigid models or frameworks in favour of co-creating solutions that resonate authentically with you and your team. Our goal is to enable you to foster a culture of sustainable wellbeing that will ultimately unleash the potential of your people.

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