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Break free from burnout culture and experience real growth

Be inspired by this lived experience of burnout and learn what to do to prevent or overcome it.

Be inspired by Sarah’s lived experience of burnout and learn what to do to eradicate burnout culture and level up in work and life. Founder/CEO of ROW, Sarah McGuinness, a recognised mental health speaker, shares her fascinating lived experience with burnout in this highly informative keynote. She weaves her personal story into a talk that not only captivates audiences but also provides practical advice on how to recognise and prevent it from happening.

Sarah’s burnout story has been featured extensively across New Zealand media, establishing her as a renowned burnout prevention advocate in New Zealand.

“I wanted to thank you all for making last week’s webinar such a success. I have had feedback from numerous people, both in the EMA and outside (including my partner who is a mental health professional). This unprompted feedback has all been positive, so all very welcome! The different perspectives and examples you brought resonated and different people picked out different comments or suggestions from the webinar. For me the webinar it had the great vibe of a group of friends having a good quality conversation, with professional expertise, practical examples and humour.  Which is a great way into getting business owners and managers to think about how they can help address these important issues, as well as helping us all individually. Thanks again. It is the EMA’s most viewed webinar by some way for last year.”

John Bradbury, People Experience Growth Advisor, EMA



Explore the key focus areas for Sarah’s talks, crafted to suit different audiences and achieve specific goals:

Focus 1 – Rising Stronger: Break Free From Burnout

In this engaging talk, Sarah delves into the critical issue of burnout in the workplace. Drawing from her own lived experience and global insights, Sarah equips leaders with essential skills to identify, prevent, and address burnout.

Participants will explore the definition, symptoms, and myths of burnout, understand its impact on both individuals and businesses, and learn how to create a sustainable, people-first culture. The talk also explores barriers and how to develop practical strategies.

The talk can be run in a workshop-style featuring interactive elements, including digital participation and group discussions, aimed at opening up the knowledge in the room. Attendees leave with valuable insights and practical tips they can implement in their organisations, alongside recommended tools and resources to support change and their own wellbeing.

Focus 2 – Wellbeing Leadership: Unleashing Human Potential and Performance

In this punchy and engaging talk, Sarah focuses on enhancing the wellbeing leadership capabilities of participants to boost team performance and foster a positive organisational culture.

The workshop covers a range of topics, including the relationship between wellbeing and workplace performance, and strategic approaches to embedding wellbeing into organisational culture. Participants will learn how to navigate change, identify barriers to team wellbeing, recognise mental health challenges, and conduct effective wellbeing check-ins.

The session draws on Sarah’s experience of supporting local and international clients across diverse workforces with real stories that will inspire and provide opportunities for learning. Participants leave with practical tips and valuable insights to shift the culture and performance of their workplace.

Sarah at NZDA conference 23

Focus 3 – Take Care with Self-Care: Navigating Life in the Modern World

This inspiring  talk is an essential guide for employees seeking effective self-care strategies in challenging times. Grounded in psychology and a ‘life by design’ approach, Sarah takes participants on a journey to learn how to navigate towards a satisfying life, while emphasising the importance of self-leadership, boundaries, and self-compassion to work through barriers.

It includes valuable insights on the realities of midlife, tackles common challenges, and offers practical tried-and-true self-care techniques participants can use immediately. Through the session, Sarah shares her lived experience of burnout and other misadventures, and she offers stories from her work around the globe.

The talk is designed to foster a supportive environment for participants to share, if appropriate, and to reflect on life now and future goals.

All sessions are grounded in psychology and evidence-based practice alongside real-world stories to keep it relevant. Sarah’s style combines authentic relatability with deep expertise and relatable storytelling. 


  • Duration: Choose between 60 minutes for a concise session or 90 minutes for added interactivity.
  • Mode: Flexibility to host sessions in-person, online, or a blend of both.
  • Customisation: Every talk is tailored to ensure it meets your specific needs and objectives.”
  • Availability: Currently taking bookings. Secure your date now!

Your presentation was perfect for what I was hoping to achieve, and the team and I appreciated and learnt from your storytelling and vulnerability – thank you.– Katherine Swan, Country Director, Randstad

“Well you did an absolutely brilliant job. We were delighted with how it went and feedback so far has been very, very positive. Thank you for truly listening and considering our requirements and getting it right for our audience. We loved working with you.” – Petrina Austin, J Ballantyne & Co.

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