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As a people leader or wellbeing advocate, your people need you now more than ever. With ROW Gold, get exclusive on-the-pulse events, top-tier resources, and a 100+ strong community of like-minded people. ROW Gold is for people who want continuous development. Join today and strengthen your influence and impact.

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Together, let’s elevate your personal and professional growth

Welcome to ROW Gold! As wellbeing champion or leader, you care about your people and you want to do more to improve wellbeing, reduce burnout, and unleash potential. You’d love to be able to:

  • Strengthen your skills and knowledge so that you can be more proactive.
  • Chat with like-minded peers doing similar work.
  • Cut through the clutter and get high-quality resources on relevant topics.
  • Access experts to act as a sounding board and navigate challenges.

You’re likely in HR, health and safety, organisation development, or a wellbeing champion role. Or, you’re a people leader who wants to achieve peak performance. You’re in the right place.  ROW Gold is the membership for you. You’ll have access to continuous development at your fingertips.

3 ways ROW Gold will level up your impact:

Influence for impact

Strengthen your ability to influence within your workplace. Learn how to overcome common barriers, change attitudes, and design solutions. Develop skills that will help you be effective and demonstrate the value.

Fast-track change

Save time, money, and mental energy. Access a treasure trove of high-quality on-demand tools and innovative ideas to fast-track your work. Use the resources we use with clients to drive real change.

Chat with peers

Here, everyone is generous with sharing insights, resources, experiences, and more. It’s a space where you can chat with peers who share your commitment to improving the lives of the people you work with.

ROW Gold is where it all happens, with more than:

Amazing members
Live events each year
% Members who stay year-on-year

Awesome organisations that trust ROW Gold include:

brijana neale
Brijana Neale
Foodstuffs North Island
Communication and Wellbeing Specialist

I have really enjoyed delving into ROW Gold! It is an incredibly intuitive, well thought out and structured program. I love how easy it is to go to a topic you are interested in or you have questions about and all the information is there. There is no need to filter through 100s of resources, ROW has already done the hard graft and found the best of the best. The mixture of links, videos, podcasts, diagrams, templates and articles caters very well for all learnings styles. As a bonus to top it off, you get a sense of satisfaction by watching your percentage of completion creep up as you work through different modules!

Wellness Champion New Zealand
Sarah Mason
Fulton Hogan
National Wellbeing Manager

I am always sharing my work and supporting others to do the same, ensuring that no-one has to reinvent the wheel. This is what I really love about ROW Gold, it’s a thriving community of like-minded individuals, all committed to furthering workplace wellbeing for everyone and who truly believe in lifting one another up and sharing.

kate williamson
Kate Williamson
People & Culture Advisor

ROW Gold has replaced my need for any other professional membership. I find that it meets my learning and networking needs much more than other professional groups I have been a member of. I get so much value out of it that I intend to maintain my membership and focus my energy and resources on ROW Gold in terms of my own development as a wellbeing professional.

Tim Mehrtens
Tim Mehrtens
Director - Workplace Wellbeing

ROW Gold is a great place to make connections with like-minded people.

your membership gives you access to:

Crafted from hundreds of conversations with people leaders and wellbeing champions from around the globe, ROW Gold is designed around four key pillars: Personalised development, on-demand tools and resources,  live expert events, and peer learning.  Membership gives you access to:

Flexible online learning
Access 17 modules (and growing!), spanning topics from self-leadership to strategy development, wellbeing conversations to psychological safety. The modules are designed to walk you through the topic and encompass e-books, podcasts, videos, downloadable templates and more. Tick the modules off as you progress through!
Live webinars and replays
Participate in monthly live online webinars alternating between ROW Sparks, which are engaging lectures run by the ROW Crew, and Peer-to-Peer Masterclasses, which are sessions delivered by industry peers on a topic they’ve been working on. These events are recorded so you can access the replay and resources at a later date.
2x coaching sessions
The first coaching session is at the start of your membership, and the second is at the 10-month mark. Together, we'll review where things are at for you including opportunities and barriers, and then we'll move to a future focus and set goals. We'll address issues, offer insights, and 1:1 connections with peers too.
Weekly high-value briefing email
Receive ROW's Wellbeing Weekly Briefing email with a letter to get you thinking, high-quality curated resources, events and more. Plus, as a ROW Gold member, get bonus content to elevate your learning.
Monthly virtual coffee chats
Participate in regular coffee chats with like-minded members. Talk to others in the industry about what you want to achieve. Hear from other people’s experience on what’s worked and not worked, and share your views.
Exclusive Linkedin group
Access our exclusive Linkedin group to engage, social and network with other members at any time. Ask questions and get answers to those burning questions. Stay on top of ROW Gold updates and access helpful, timely resources.
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Take action for only NZD499 + GST! Your membership gives you access to exclusive on-the-pulse events, top-tier resources, and awesome community and expert support for 12 months. Join ROW Gold, strengthen your knowledge and skills, and level up today.

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