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Providing support for workplace wellbeing during these unpredictable times can be challenging. That’s why we offer resources and insights to help you, as a workplace wellbeing manager, stay effective and up-to-date with the latest trends.

Our insights are powered by the conversations we have with wellbeing managers everyday, around the globe.

We know that success in workplace wellbeing doesn’t happen by accident. To be an effective wellbeing manager, you need to be focused, deliberate, and responsive to people’s needs.

To make your work easier, we’ve created some awesome resources that are designed to inspire and share ideas. Check them out below.


Here are some of the resources and insights we offer:

  • Wellbeing capability plan template: This template guides wellbeing managers through understanding where their organization is currently at on its wellbeing journey, identifying desired areas of focus for 2023, determining current supports and barriers, and developing the actions needed to achieve their goals and measure success.
  • Workplace wellbeing strategy template: Putting people first: Your practical guide to designing and implementing a wellbeing strategy is a free webinar resource. We will take you through five of the key themes we’ve observed working with clients and share practical tips and tools to bring your strategy to life.
  • Top five predictions for 2023: Check out where we see workplace wellbeing headed, with insights on employee expectations, hybrid working, financial wellbeing, individualised workplace wellbeing programs, and organisational resilience.
  • Media coverage: Revolutionaries of Wellbeing has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Project, Stuff, and RNZ among others. Founder Sarah McGuinness has been interviewed on various topics related to workplace wellbeing, providing insights and practical tips to help people take care and businesses stay ahead of the curve.

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Guests join ROW Founder and CEO Sarah McGuinness to explore topics we can’t afford to ignore. Learn about important topics on this workplace wellbeing podcast, gain insights and build your workplace wellbeing capability. Be inspired and learn about issues we can all take action on.
Hear experts on ROW’s Workplace Wellbeing Podcast as part of the Revolutionaries of Wellbeing’s (ROW) wellness champions professional development series.

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