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Queenstown Keynote Speaker & Facilitator
Take your event to the next level

Looking for an energetic and engaging professional speaker to elevate your event in Queenstown, New Zealand? You’re in the right place. Sarah McGuinness is an established keynote speaker and facilitator, who brings a unique blend of authenticity, deep expertise, and relatable storytelling to every engagement.

Even better, Sarah lives in Queenstown and spends plenty of time in the great outdoors, so she can share a local perspective and highlight the beauty of our region in her presentations.

Whether it’s a conference event, leadership retreat, or team building session, Sarah is here to inspire real change and foster solid connection within your team.

Discover the difference:

Sarah's captivating storytelling and expert insights inspire fresh perspectives and actionable strategies, enriching their conference experience and leaving them energized and equipped for success.
Team building
Team building participants benefit from Sarah's engaging facilitation, fostering stronger connections and psychological safety, enhanced communication, and a shared sense of purpose within the team.
Leadership development
Sarah's practical guidance on topics such as leadership development, workplace wellbeing, and burnout prevention equips them with the tools and knowledge to cultivate high-performing teams and a positive culture.


Be inspired by Sarah’s lived experience of burnout and learn what to do to eradicate burnout culture and level up in work and life. Founder/CEO of ROW, Sarah McGuinness, a recognised mental health speaker, shares her fascinating lived experience with burnout in this highly informative keynote. She weaves her personal story into a talk that not only captivates audiences but also provides practical advice on how to recognise and prevent it from happening.

Sarah’s burnout story has been featured extensively across New Zealand media, establishing her as a renowned burnout prevention advocate in New Zealand.

“I wanted to thank you all for making last week’s webinar such a success. I have had feedback from numerous people, both in the EMA and outside (including my partner who is a mental health professional). This unprompted feedback has all been positive, so all very welcome! The different perspectives and examples you brought resonated and different people picked out different comments or suggestions from the webinar. For me the webinar it had the great vibe of a group of friends having a good quality conversation, with professional expertise, practical examples and humour.  Which is a great way into getting business owners and managers to think about how they can help address these important issues, as well as helping us all individually. Thanks again. It is the EMA’s most viewed webinar by some way for last year.”

John Bradbury, People Experience Growth Advisor, EMA


All sessions are grounded in psychology and evidence-based practice alongside real-world stories to keep it relevant. Sarah’s style combines authentic relatability with deep expertise and relatable storytelling. 

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