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Conversations about burnout

While there is plenty of research on the impact of burnout on people and business performance, nothing compares to the power of stories. Humans have used stories since the dawn of time to educate and inspire action. In fact, according to best-selling author and historian Yuval Noah Harari, humans conquered the world because we can tell stories that drive mass collaboration.

Storytelling is so powerful that it’s considered essential to any leader or champion’s toolkit (check out our great podcast ep. 42 with Michelle Ortega). I often use it in my workshops. I invite senior leaders to talk about a work-wellbeing related challenge and, oh gosh, does it change rooms.

You may also know I openly share my own burnout story across mainstream media to open up the conversation (read my story on Stuff).

With that in mind, if we’re going to break burnout culture and unlock performance, we need compelling stories to tell. Stories of lived experience and recovery. Stories of prevention and workplaces doing awesome work to shift the dial – it all counts.

Building on a series of recent focus groups, I’ve now set a goal to gather 100 stories by the end of 2024. 100 stories that will help us learn from lived experience and find tips for action we can all take to mitigate burnout and support those in recovery.

To begin, I’d like to talk to people leaders who have been through burnout and recovered.

Is that you? Express your interest now via the form on this page.

In the next phases, I’d like to talk to people leaders in other industries, such as professional services, real estate, tourism, and transportation.


What am I going to do with the stories?
  1.  I want to collect broad themes and insights we can all learn from and tips we can use to drive change.
  2. If you consent, I’d like to share your story. We can chat about what that looks like, if that’s something you’d like to do. There’s no pressure here. If you’d like to just share with me and keep it confidential – that’s all good. You’re in control.
  3. More broadly, it will help me to shape ROW. We’re breaking burnout culture, and that’s going to take a team effort. Your stories will help me to know where to focus our collective efforts.


What’s in it for you?
  1. I hope it will be cathartic and we can celebrate recovery/commiserate about burnout together.
  2. I’ll allow some time at the end for a free consulting chat about anything workplace wellbeing you’d like an answer to.
  3. You’ll be contributing to something awesome and you’ll be making a difference – helping people avoid or recover from burnout.


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So – here’s the call to action: If you’re a people leader in construction, manufacturing, forestry or agriculture, and you’ve been through burnout – I’d love to chat with you over coffee (in person or virtually).

Or are there leaders you can think of in your workplace who would be happy to chat with me? Please feel free to pass this on to colleagues too.

Thank you so much in advance – your support will change more lives than you know.

PS – Just so you know, all conversations will be recorded. Recording helps me focus on what you’re sharing and then collate themes. Recordings will be transcribed but all identifying information will be removed. If you consent to sharing your story beyond our chat (eg we share it on the website as a lived experience story), we’ll work together to select what’s shared and how. You’re in control of your story.

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