Global companies invited to come together to protect wellbeing

now is the time for companies around the world to come together to protect and LEAD THE AGENDA on employee wellbeing

A New Zealand wellbeing expert is unsurprised by research out of AUT around the effects of burnout and the need for a systemic approach to address the problem.

Sarah McGuinness established Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW) last year to develop wellbeing leaders around the world. 

In a short period of time, ROW has grown to a community of more than 250 members from 190 organisations all over the globe.

McGuinness says she absolutely agrees with AUT Business School Professor Jarrod Haar, who says more needs to be done to help protect employees’ psychological health and safety, and it must be a systematic approach.

“A fruit bowl in the office kitchen just doesn’t cut it,” she says. “We are bringing together leading corporate wellbeing leaders and experts to drive change and create better workplaces around the globe. And it’s really working. It’s systemic and backed up by research and results. Members of ROW find being a part of a bigger community sharing information and tools that do actually work, is very effective. ROW is dedicated to helping leaders to develop their professional expertise, access practical tools and resources, and network with peers and experts to meaningfully improve wellbeing.”

 At its heart, ROW’s vision is to drive change across industry when it comes to wellbeing, and Sarah McGuinness says the ROW community is passionate, committed and dedicated to championing the work that needs to be done.

Recently though, a challenge has been thrown Sarah’s way.

“After doing what so many of us do, and keep pushing on through despite knowing something isn’t right, earlier this month, I was diagnosed with burnout and a chronic illness, fibromyalgia,” she says.

“Yes, I see the irony of a wellbeing specialist burning out but my view is if we’re going to tell other people to speak up about mental health then we have to be prepared to do it ourselves as wellbeing practitioners. I think it’s also important to share that no one is perfect – and actually we’re all going through something. More often than not it’s personal experience that drives people to work in wellbeing. What my diagnosis tells me is, that now is the time to lean on the shoulders of giants and invite in other corporates who are just as keen to see wellbeing front and centre of how we do business,” she says.



ROW has added a new corporate founding membership option, the ROW Steering Group which gives corporates an opportunity to drive change across industry, be a leading voice and brand in the workplace wellbeing market, at a global level. The Steering Group will help to inform the direction of ROW, the wellbeing issues and challenges it will look to solve and the global market opportunities to sustain success and momentum.

This is an opportunity for corporates to be global market-leaders, recognised for their proactive commitment to employee wellbeing.



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