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These are volatile times. Workplaces around the globe are grappling with employee wellbeing.  Mental health challenges are on the rise. Psychosocial risks are increasing. Employees are under pressure.

Now is the time to be proactive. ROW develops you as a wellbeing manager, giving you a powerful support network, professional development, and solutions. So you can focus on giving your employees the right health and wellbeing support at the right time. 

Be stronger, better, and faster at improving workplace wellbeing.

With ROW, you are supported by peers and experts who value workplace wellbeing like you do. You become part of a passionate global group, dedicated to making a difference.

You become a wellbeing revolutionary. Improving employee wellbeing – in your workplace and around the globe.

Workplace wellness programs provide more than just benefits to employees. Most CEOs now recognise that investing in workplace wellbeing from the top down improves productivity, creatively, retention, and even the bottom-line.

ROW conducted research on behalf of the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum on factors that helped and hindered New Zealand (NZ) CEOs through the early days of the pandemic in 2020. Two out of three respondents reported health and wellbeing was the top priority once lockdown hit.

The pandemic may have sped up the focus on wellbeing, but it’s here to stay as organisations around the world compete in the war for talent, navigate uncertainty, and embrace workers from the next generation who have had greater exposure to mental health literacy opportunities. Now is the time to lead the way and make a difference. 


We define a workplace wellbeing manager as the person (or people) responsible for workplace wellbeing strategies and programs in organisations. 


The role can be full-time or combined with other functional responsibilities, such as human resources, or health and safety.

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