EPISODE 20: What workplaces can do to support the food-mood connection

In this interview, we turn our focus to the link between food and mood.

The science on this is clear: what you eat can impact your mental wellbeing. While food choice can be impacted by how you feel, research shows food may also be a mood trigger – particularly for low moods.
Recent studies show that the more people improve their food choices, the more their depression improves, and food choices have been positively linked to learning and memory. Emerging research is also putting the spotlight on gut health and gut microbiome. Eating foods that support your gut microbiome can support your mental health.

Clearly, nutrition is an important part of mental health support at work.

Joining us in this episode to take a deep dive into the world of food and mood is our guest, and fellow ROW community member, Bronwyn Hudson. Bronwyn has over 20 years of experience across nutrition, health and wellbeing, education and children’s development, parenting support and health coaching, and understands the real-world challenges relating to health, balance and adopting change.
We explore the current science, how you can support nutrition at work, and tips and tricks for improving brain and gut health.

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