Sarah Jackson, London Green

Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson, Personal Trainer & Wellbeing Coordinator, London Green


Why is wellbeing important to your organisation?

I recently asked our Managing Director this same question, and took the opportunity to share this message with the Team (especially with new employees who have come onboard with health and wellbeing just being part of our culture).

“Wellbeing is really important in terms of just getting the balance right between work, family time and time for yourself – you’ve got to have all of those things in balance. We’ve got great people in the company, and we want to help everyone achieve their potential. To do that, they need to be able to look after themselves to be able to bring their best self to work each day, both for themselves and the company, and ultimately for our clients.”

“Secondly, I have always wanted to look after people – I didn’t want to be seen as an employer who ‘rips the best out of people and then leaves them dead after they’ve done a period of time with us’. Having stressed or worn out people didn’t sit well with me when I started the company, so it was always something I wanted to be cognisant of. “


What does wellbeing look like in your organisation? (i.e. where are you at on the journey?)

I am fortunate enough to be working in a pretty advanced company when it comes to wellbeing – my role is fairly unique and hard to come across. I am a qualified personal trainer, so run 45-minute PT sessions and/or health coaching sessions for every employee that takes up the offer (including our remote team members). Outside of this, I work with our awesome People and Culture Team to lead our Company’s wellbeing program covering aspects wellbeing such as of financial health, resilience, mental health, as well as running events for our team and their family. To us, wellbeing is to inspire, educate and support our team to thrive every day.


What attracted you to be part of ROW – in the Network and in Gold and how has it helped you?

Our People and Culture team have been involved with ROW for a while now, and after joining the Team I became the Company’s representative to join these sessions with other great Wellbeing Champions. ROW has been really beneficial to us, as there is no right or wrong when it comes to how to run a workplace wellbeing program, so to have the chance to see what others are doing, learn about common issues in the workplace and share some of our ideas and processes with others has been priceless.

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