make your mark as a wellbeing leader

Being a leader is no longer a noun, but a verb. It is more than the title on your business card or LinkedIn profile. People depend on you for their wellbeing. We need leaders who put people at the heart of what they do. Leaders who see the bigger picture, take action, and lead from the front.

At the Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW), we will help you be a leader and a change-maker, creating a better environment in your organisation.



The ROW badges relate to the one thing we value at ROW more than anything else: a commitment to building better workplaces and a more humane and secure world.

When you see wellbeing leaders sharing these visual identifiers on their social media profiles, websites or business cards – you know they are an important part of the ROW community and they are determined to make a difference. These leaders are taking us towards a better future. They are champions, driving change in the world of workplace wellbeing.

Each badge represents a different level of involvement in the ROW community.

Are you ready to join them and make your mark as a wellbeing leader?


ROW Gold is our flagship professional membership group. Members of this group are in the inner circle of ROW. They are leaders, change-makers and wellbeing superheroes. They are making a difference in their organisation and, through their actions, the business world as a whole.

ROW green

ROW Green members are committed to, and passionate about, workplace wellbeing. Green members stay up-to-date on workplace wellbeing with us so they can better support their employees.


ROW is supported by an incredible team of wellbeing experts who partner with us to deliver outstanding solutions for ROW Gold members and clients. ROW Partners work with ROW to deliver programs, workshops, coaching, tools and resources, and more.

ROW crew

Consider us the support crew; the engine room at ROW. We lead projects, support members, clients, and ROW Partners, and bring everyone together to create a better world.

Open now: ROW Gold - the premier program for wellbeing managers