Jolie Wills, Hummingly

Jolie Wills
jolie wills, director & co-founder, hummingly


Why is wellbeing important to workplaces right now?

We know from experience from large scale mass disruption events around the world, that the pressure and prolonged stress can lead to significant damage to people in the workplace, but also to growth (even though it’s a tough road to get there). Our research shows that the line between damage and growth is a fine one, but with wellbeing as a focus and the right knowledge and strategies, workplaces, leaders and teams can tip the balance in favour of growth.


What is your hope for 2021 in terms of workplaces wellbeing?

Can we be greedy and have two? Our first hope is that more organisations become familiar with the common patterns and learning from other mass disruption events – there are many knowns in amongst the unknown, and it’s such a relief to know about them. Secondly, that wellbeing continues to be prioritised as key to sustaining us through the challenges ahead, and to performance, creativity and growth.


What is it about ROW that resonates with you or why do you like being part of ROW?

After many years of slog trying to raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, it is such a wonderful thing to be part of a community of like-minded people who are doing their utmost to support the wellbeing, performance and development of their people and their organisations. Thank you.

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