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Let’s face it: the world is in crisis mode. From crushing workloads to skyrocketing living costs, people are desperate for support. Our own State of Workplace Wellbeing Survey 2023 revealed 74% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that, over the past three months, people in their organisation experienced high levels of stress and/or burnout.

This is our call to action. While the challenges may not go away, our response can redefine what happens next. Here’s where you come in – as a champion of wellbeing, your leadership is pivotal in driving real change. And the best part? You’re not alone in this mission.

At Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW), we’re dedicated to equipping people leaders and wellbeing champions like you to lead this charge.

As a member of ROW, you’re not just joining another network; you’re stepping into an incredible combined community of 1,500+ leaders and champions committed to breaking burnout culture and unlocking potential around the globe.

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Wendy Chittock
Health and Wellbeing Advisor

Having all this connection and education in the well-organised professional ROW Gold package certainly makes a difference to my own professional development and the value I can then impart to my organisation.

Wellness Champion New Zealand
Sarah Mason
Fulton Hogan
National Wellbeing Manager

I am always sharing my work and supporting others to do the same, ensuring that no-one has to reinvent the wheel. This is what I really love about ROW Gold, it’s a thriving community of like-minded individuals, all committed to furthering workplace wellbeing for everyone and who truly believe in lifting one another up and sharing.

Tim Mehrtens
Tim Mehrtens
Director - Workplace Wellbeing

ROW Gold is a great place to make connections with like-minded people.

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