Episode 26: Inclusive wellbeing – from a sexual and gender identities perspective

Over the next little while, we’ll be exploring diversity and inclusion as part of our podcast series. This episode explores inclusive wellbeing from a sexual and gender identity perspective.

When it comes to workplace wellbeing, inclusivity is important. An inclusive, diverse workplace culture fosters a sense of belonging, safety, and purpose for employees, which in turn helps to increase wellbeing and productivity. It improves social connectedness and belonging; and reduces discrimination, prejudice and harassment. It supports people to bring their whole self to work.

Joining us is José Taiapa from Rainbow Tick. Rainbow Tick is about accepting and valuing people in the workplace, embracing the diversity of sexual and gender identities. A supportive work environment that is accepting of peoples’ differences benefits everybody in your organisation.

We’ll be exploring some of the cornerstones of wellbeing from this perspective, along with barriers and myths in the workplace and the actions workplaces can take to ensure wellbeing programs are truly inclusive.

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