Episode 2: How workplaces can respond to and prevent family violence

In this episode, we turn our focus to the important role that workplaces can play in preventing family violence.

Workplaces play a critical role in keeping people safe, holding those who inflict violence to account, and being a voice for change. New laws in New Zealand also require workplaces to recognise family violence as a health and safety issue and to have adequate measures in place.

To provide us with guidance on how to create family violence-free workplaces, I’m joined by Holly Carrington from Shine.

Holly is Shine’s DVFREE & Policy Adviser. Shine is a highly reputable specialist domestic abuse service provider that has been helping victims of domestic abuse to become safe since 1990.

In this interview, Holly shares how workplaces can respond to this issue and she outlines steps we can all take to create a family violence-free New Zealand.

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