Wellness Champions Network

Getting Started


Welcome! We’re delighted to have you in the Wellness Champions Network and we hope you enjoy being part of our awesome little community.

This guide has been designed to introduce you to the Wellness Champions Network in five easy steps.

Read the fine print

To ensure the group continues to thrive and be a place of learning, growth and support, we all agree to a set of terms and conditions. By being in the group, attending events and joining our online community, you agree to these terms and conditions.

All sound ok? Great! If you have any questions, please contact us hello@myhealthrevolution.co.nz.

Join the online community

The next step is to join our awesome online community forum.

Our community is hosted on web platform Mobilize, which is also available as an app – download on Apple and Google Play).

You will receive a link to join the community shortly by email, or click the button below.

Once you’re in the forum, read the welcome post (pinned to the top of the feed) and the introductions post (partway down the feed). We encourage you to introduce yourself and say hello!

Tip: We have recently introduced Wellbeing Wednesday as a day when members can jump on and turn the forum into a hive of activity. We usually run our virtual events and speedy brainstorms on a Wednesday as well.

Book in to the next event

The next step is to book in for an upcoming event.

We host regular online virtual discussions. These discussions are an hour long at lunchtime (New Zealand time) and are hosted by My Health Revolution founder, Sarah McGuinness. They include an interview with an expert and facilitated discussion.

The interviews with experts are recorded and later edited into podcasts, which you can hear here.

Check out and register for our next events here:

Keep an eye out for news

Our main channel of communication is through the Mobilize platform.

Occasionally emails from Mobilize can get lost in spam folders or rejected by protective work email servers. We keep an eye out for emails that bounce back, but if you think you may not be receiving these we suggest double checking spam folders. You can also email us at hello@myhealthrevolution.co.nz.

Let us know on the go

Much of the content (including interviews and discussions) is driven by member requests.

We’d love to hear from you. What topics are you interested in? What are you working on? What information would be helpful? Let host Sarah McGuinness know and we can source an expert to interview and start an online discussion!

You can email Sarah at: hello@myhealthrevolution.co.nz or direct message her via Mobilize (our online community forum).

Please let us know if you have any questions and look forward to welcoming you into the Wellness Champions Network!